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dead wood cover

A Trail of Dead Wood: Life After the Pine Beetle (Documentary, 43 min. 2008) 

An exploration of people's reaction to the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic in Northern British Columbia, and Alberta. Includes the stories of treeplanters, loggers, mill operators, and people making a living despite the changing forests.


4 mennos cover

A Short History of Four Mennonites in Ukraine (Documentary, 27 min, 2007)

A family pilgrimage to the old country, in quest of understanding, identity and faith, past and present.

365 choices a year

365 Choices a Year: A Study of Behaviour and Addictions

(Documentary, 55 min., 2008)

"365 Choices a year" provides a udiences a window into the complex journey of addictions and treatment through the experiences of Les and Kevin. The film highlights a behaviour approach to addictions where lifestyle and social context are at the heart of the problem; this is different than your typicall AA meeting. The treatment process and living free of addictions is complicated; it means making right choices every day, 365 choices a year.

fairtrade cover

Grounds for a Movement: A Look at Fair Trade Coffee

(Documentary, 25 minutes, 2004)

An investigation of the growing fair trade movement and the conflict over brand identity and product certification.

DVD Compilations  
  Five Short Films by Kevin Nikkel
A DVD compilation that includes:
    Baggage (Essay, 6 min, 2005)
    Dial 'M' for Monster (Animation, 1 min., 2003)
    Two Minus One (Animation: 1 min., 2003)
    Juliet at 2:15 (Narrative, DV, 9 min., 2005)
    Shooting Guns in Church (Narrative, 16mm, 9 min., 2003)
childhood tales The Childhood Tales 
A DVD compilation that includes:
    Batter Up (Animation, 1.5 min, 2010)  
    O Canaduck (Animation, 1 min, 2008)
    Tire Turns (Animation, 1.5 min, 2008)  
    Spider Cookies (Animation, 1 min, 2007)  
    Kitchen Hockey (Animation, 1.5 min, 2007)
    An Ice Cream Lesson (Animation, 1.5 min, 2006)
    Dial 'M' for Monster (Animation, 1 min., 2003)




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