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Five Door Films is an independent media production company based in Winnipeg, Canada, creating documentaries, animation and dramatic short films since 2007. We have completed many documentaries with a focus on local history (Our Neon City, Epilogues), and several studies of unique organizations (The Behavioural Health Foundation and the Winnipeg Humane Society). In 2014 we released a feature film On the Trail of the Far Fur Country, telling the story of the rediscovery of a silent feature film shot in Canada's north in 1919. We have recently completed the restoration of The Romance of the Far Fur Country (1920) using archival film footage from the Hudson's Bay Company Archives in Winnipeg. Our documentary "Adventures with the Movie Club" (2014) tells the story of the Winnipeg Amateur Movie Makers, a film club established in 1935. We are currently in production on a feature film called “Under a Cold War Sky”, a documentary exploring past and present of both sides of the Cold War by looking closer at the people, land and sky of former radar bases in the Canadian Arctic and the Baltic.



Kevin Nikkel is a writer / producer / director based in Winnipeg, Canada.  He completed a Bachelor of Education at University of Manitoba and a Master of Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. His dramatic, animated and documentary films have reached audiences internationally at festivals, on television and on the web.  His latest feature documentary, On the Trail of the Far Fur Country, depicts the journey of rediscovery of a lost Canadian classic silent film. He is active in the film community of Winnipeg, contributing to Playing in Traffic, Catacomb Microcinema, the Winnipeg Cinematheque, and the Winnipeg Film Group.  He juggles his time between filmmaking, parenting, and teaching.


Canada: 1-204-770-4272

Chris Nikkel is a poet, creative non-fiction writer, and documentary screenwriter, his work has been published in Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. He studied English literature at the University of Winnipeg, and has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. He is currently completing his first book, a creative non-fiction story about British Columbia's lodgepole pine forests, which have been under assault by a bark beetle since 1999. In 2003 he moved to Ireland to be with his wife, and currently splits his time between County Donegal and Winnipeg.


Republic of Ireland: 086 074 9727

Canada: 1-204-996-8369



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