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When We Became Folk Fest

(Documentary, 75 min. TBA)

When We Became Folk Fest is a feature documentary about the founding and explosive growth of the Winnipeg Folk Festival. This is an archival driven project, using a cache of unseen Super 8 footage, incredible archival images, and pristine sound recordings from the Folk Festival collection. Voices of interviews with celebrated Folk Fest luminaries and live musical performances drive the arc of the narrative as we hear the story of how an underdog music festival grew out of the meadows of Birds Hill Park to become one of the most important folk festivals in North America.

Co-Directed by Kevin Nikkel and Dave Barber

Thanks to the Winnipeg Film Group and the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

A Conversation With Dave

(Documentary, 16 min. 2021)

A heart to heart conversation with Winnipeg Cinematheque programmer Dave Barber about the blood, sweat, and toil put into make the Cinematheque what it eventually became under his leadership. Part history of Manitoba film and part biography of a remarkably generous soul.

The Local Lens

(Documentary Short Series, 4x6 min. 2021)

The Local Lens is a series of short docs about photographers from Winnipeg.  Each short is part biography and part showcase. It allows the audiences to eavesdrop on photographers in the field or studio—we get to watch them enjoying their craft. Most of all, we hear them talk about what they love doing. This is a look at photographers in their happy place.

Featuring photographers: Leif Norman, Signy Thorsteinson, Lesley Nakonechny Jhoel Manalo

Thanks to Bell MTS TV's Stories from Home

Nopiming: Entrance to the Wilderness

(Documentary, 44 min. 2021)

A family on a canoe trip discovers the wonders of Nopiming Park, launching an exploration of other people's stories enjoying this historic and majestic park. This is a documentary about paddling and the people met along the way—a road movie without the road. Nopiming is an Anishinabe word meaning “entrance to the wilderness” and this is a place waiting to be discovered.

Thanks to Wakan Productions and CBC's Absolutely Manitoba


(Documentary, 84 min. 2021)

An archival documentary providing a survey of Manitoba’s cinematic family tree. Showcasing the decades of film and videos we’ve pulled off, work that is rooted in persistence, resistance, and experimentation. Pushing the art form in lots of different directions.

Thanks to the Gimli Film Festival.

The Road to Here

(Documentary, 44 min. 2018)

Errol "C-Weed" Ranville is a music legend. He's enjoyed one of the longest and most successful music careers of any Indigenous artist in Canadian history, performed sold-out world tours and recorded some 19 successful albums over five decades — not to mention his two Lifetime Achievement Awards and multiple Juno nominations.

Despite his groundbreaking career as a singer, songwriter and music producer, Errol's most meaningful accomplishment did not come on stage. It occurred in his hospital bed where he lay with his body shattered, suffering unimaginable physical and psychological pain. Errol was the lone survivor of a fiery head-on car crash that killed four teenagers and his wife.
The Road to Here traces Errol's journey from unspeakable personal tragedy to a creative tsunami that encompasses music, reconciliation and mentoring Indigenous talent.

Thanks to Wakan Productions and CBC's Absolutely Manitoba
Directed by Kevin Nikkel and Hanwakan Whitecloud
Produced by Gary Zubeck

Under a Cold War Sky

(Documentary, 70 min. 2018)

What do you do with a radar station no one wants anymore?  Under a Cold War Sky explores the stories from the communities of Skrunda, Latvia and Hall Beach, Nunavut, Canada—two places on the margins, locations of radars built by the Americans and Soviets during the Cold War. The film reveals the stories of those living in places that were swept up in the conflict, people that still have Cold War stories to tell.

With the generous support of the Winnipeg Film Group / Winner of the Manitoba Hot House Award, also generously supported by Manitoba Film and Music.

On Winter Roads

(Documentary, 24 min. 2018)

Directed by Kevin Nikkel

Poplar River in northern Manitoba is one of many remote communities that depend on annual winter roads for supplies. This is the story of a community and how their lifeline is made through the forest every winter.

With the generous support of the community of Poplar River for CBC's Land and Sea.

Tales from the Winnipeg Film Group

(Documentary, 86 min. 2017)

Directed by Kevin Nikkel & Dave Barber

Tales from The Winnipeg Film Group is the hilarious, explosive story of how a stubborn band of independent filmmakers started a film co-operative that became the most highly respected film centre in Canada.

With the generous support of the Bell MTS TV Stories from Home

Journeys to York Factory

(Documentary, 45 min. 2017)

Exploring journeys to the historic site of York Factory, where the Hayes River empties into Hudson’s Bay. The names of those working for the HBC for over 270 years still haunt the walls.  When the HBC abandoned the depot in 1957, First Nation’s communities were relocated inland, but they still call it home. York Factory continues to draw people year after year for gatherings and pilgrimages to this unique and fragile Canadian treasure. 

With the generous support of the Manitoba Museum, Parks Canada, and the community of York Factory First Nation for CBC's Absolutely Manitoba.

Adventures with the Movie Club

(Documentary, 44 min. 2014)

From the early days, amateur moviemakers thrived on a DIY spirit, capturing memorable moments of both personal and civic interest on 8mm, Super 8, 16mm film, then on video tape and digital. These images have become cinematic time capsules, treasured by families, and at one time, celebrated in film clubs across the country. Adventures with the Movie Club follows the monthly meeting of the Winnipeg Amateur Moviemakers club. Founded in 1935, the group peaked in the 1950s with over a hundred members; today a handful make it out to meetings, most now enjoying their retirement. They worry about keeping the club alive if they can’t recruit new members who are as passionate about their hobby of making movies.

With the generous support of the MTS TV Stories from Home and Manitoba Film and Music.

On the Trail of the Far Fur Country

(Documentary, 80 min. 2014)

In 1919, a film crew set out on an epic journey across Canada's North. Over the course of six months, their expedition traveled by icebreaker, canoe, and dog sled, capturing the Canadian fur trade in a silent feature documentary. The Romance of the Far Fur Country was released in 1920, two years before the legendary film Nanook of the North. Rediscovering the documentary in a British archive, another film crew begins a journey to bring this lost film back to life, taking it to the northern communities where the film was originally shot. As people watch the footage from 1919, something special happens. Images come to life; people recognize their family members, their landscapes, and their lost traditions. Contrasting then and now, On the Trail of the Far Fur Country is an intimate portrait of Canada and its Aboriginal people, and a chronicle of how life in the North has changed in the last century.

With the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council and Manitoba Film and Music. More details here.

The Challenges of Giving Shelter

(Documentary, 45 min. 2013)

The Challenges of Giving Shelter gives a behind the scenes look at the daily workings of the Winnipeg Humane Society. This is a world of dedicated animal lovers faced with difficult decisions, where sympathetic staff and volunteers manage their compassion fatigue and community expectations to care for cute, cuddly, at times dangerous and homeless animals.
The film gives a better understanding of the people who work on the front lines to address the inevitable dilemma of overpopulation and the need to euthanize animals. The film explores the broader issues of work, animal care and societal responsibility.

With the generous support of the Winnipeg Arts Council's With Art program in collaboration with the Winnipeg Humane Society.


( Short Doc Series, 5 x 8 min. On Demand / MTS TV 2011)

Epilogues is a short documentary series that explores some of the fascinating tales of Winnipeg's rich history. From the tragic story of the Canadian champion basketball team of 1933, a heroic fire firefighter, a mayor's point of view of the Winnipeg General Strike, a bird watcher extrorinare, and a radical bishop who builds his own cathedral out of scrap metal. Film titles: The Toilers of '33, Fighting Billy, 1001 Angry Men, Catherine: Queen of the Birds, and The Tin Can Cathedral.

More details here


Sticks, Stones, Bricks and Bones

(Documentary 29 min. 2010)

[ Broadcast on MTS TV's Winnipeg On Demand]

A portrait of Winnipeg through a mosaic of characters and stories, each in keeping with the four themes of the title: sticks, stones, bricks and bones.

More details here.

our noen city

Our Neon City

(Documenary series, 5 x 9 min., 2009)

Our Neon City is a 5 part short documentary TV series that explores the history of Winnipeg through neon signs from businesses from the past century. Each film takes a neon sign and explores the people that owned, worked, or visited the establishment from the past. The objective of the series is to celebrate the complexity and diversity of Winnipeg's history. Episodes include: Clifford's, The Blue Note Cafe, Dojack's, The Royal Alexandra Hotel's Turkish Baths, and the Bell Hotel.




(Documenary series, 6 x 30 min., 2008)

Intersections is a documentary TV series commissioned by MTS TV Video on Demand for their Winnipeg on Demand series. The series is a slice of life and business at various intersections in Winnipeg. The film records what life is like for people living and working at some of the busier and colourful corners of Winnipeg to celebrate the complexity and diversity of various neighbourhoods in Winnipeg. Each episode explores the life of the people and businesses, going beyond stereotypes & sensational headlines commonly found in the news media. Corners include: Selkirk & Mcgregor, Sargent & Furby, Provencher & St. Joseph, Logan & Main, Osborne & Wardlaw and Portage & Arlington.

Visit the INTERSECTIONS Website.

365 choices a year

365 Choices a Year:A Study of Behaviour and Addictions

(Documentary, 55 min. 2009)

365 Choices a Year provides a window into the complex journey of addictions treatment through the experiences of Les and Kevin. Their residential treatment is based on a behavioiur approach to addictinos. Addiction is not a disease, lifestyle and social context are at the heart of the problem. The treatment process and living free of addictions is complicated; it means making right choices every day, 365 choices a year, with the support of others. Les and Kevin return to the community to struggle again with the complicated environments that lead them to substances in the past.

dead wood cover

A Trail of Dead Wood: Life After the Pine Beetle

(Documentary, 43 min., 2008) 

An exploration of people's reaction to the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic in Northern British Columbia, and Alberta. Includes the stories of treeplanters, loggers, mill operators, and people making a living despite the changing forests.


4 mennos cover

A Short History of Four Mennonites in Ukraine

(Documentary, 27 min, 2007)

A family pilgrimage to the old country, in quest of understanding, identity and faith, past and present.

fairtrade cover

Grounds for a Movement: A Look at Fair Trade Coffee

(Documentary, 25 minutes, 2004)

An investigation of the growing fair trade movement and the conflict over brand identity and product certification.





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