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Welcome to the home page of Kevin Nikkel / Five Door Films.

I am an independent filmmaker / educator based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My artistic practice has focused primarily on documentary film for the last two decades. I've taught high school courses to adults at the St Norbert Adult Education Centre for 25 years. I've also taught courses at Red River Polytech, University of Winnipeg, and the Winnipeg Film Group.

Feel free to contact me:      kevin [at] fivedoorfilms [dot] com   


When We Became Folk Fest [doc feature, in post production.]

The epic story of the founding and explosive growth of the Winnipeg Folk Festival.


Funding--Winnipeg Film Group

Live and Learn [short doc, 2024]

Stories from people who decided to go back and upgrade and get their High School Diploma.


Funding--Manitoba Research Alliance / University of Winnipeg / Adult Secondary Education Council (ASEC) / Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT) 

Nopiming Triptych [expanded cinema performance, 2024]

An experimental slow cinema narrative of canoe travels across Manitoba’s Nopiming Provincial Park presented with live music on three concurrent screens.

Artist / space)doxa / Graffiti Gallery  April 27, 2024

Resilience [short doc, 2022]

The team at REES (Reaching E-Quality Employment Services) offer career advice and support for people with disabilities and health conditions.


Commission--Winnipeg Arts Council WITH ART program

At Deep Bay [short doc series, 2022]

It is the deepest part of Clear Lake, but for artists in residence at a remote cabin by the shore, the place is a profound well of creativity.


Commission--Bell MTS TV

Episode One: Diana Thorneycroft
Episode Two: Ila Barker
Episode Three: Chim Undi
Episode Four: Michael Boss

A Conversation with Dave [short doc, 2021]

Part history of Manitoba film and part biography of Winnipeg Cinematheque programmer Dave Barber


The Local Lens [short doc series, 2021]

Portraits of Winnipeg photographers showcasing their approach to capturing their world.


Commission--Bell MTS TV

Episode One: Jhoel Manalo
Episode Two: Lesley Nakonechny
Episode Three: Leif Norman
Episode Four: Signy Thorsteinson

Nopiming: Entrance to the Wilderness [doc, 2021]

A family on a canoe trip discovers the wonders of Nopiming Park, launching an exploration of other people's stories enjoying this historic and majestic park.


Commission--CBC Absolutely Manitoba

What We've Pulled Off... So Far [doc feature, 2021]

An archival documentary providing a survey of Manitoba’s cinematic family tree.


Commision--Gimli Film Festival

The Road to Here [doc, 2018]

Traces indigenous musician Errol "C-Weed" Ranville’s  journey from unspeakable personal tragedy to a creative tsunami that encompasses music, reconciliation and mentoring Indigenous talent.


Commission--CBC Absolutely Manitoba

Land and Sea "On Winter Roads" [doc, 2018]

The story of community of Poplar River and how their lifeline is made through the forest every winter.


Commission--CBC National

Under a Cold War Sky [doc feature, 2018]

From the distant corners of the Arctic and the Baltic—the moving story of two communities as they deal with decommissioned Cold War radars.


Funding: Winnipeg Film Group Hot House Award, Manitoba Arts Council, Manitoba Film and Music

Tales from the Winnipeg Film Group [doc feature, 2017]

The hilarious, explosive story of how a stubborn band of independent filmmakers started a film co-operative that became the most highly respected film centre in Canada.


Commision--MTS TV Stories from Home

Journeys to York Factory [doc, 2017]

Join archaeologists, historians, elders and paddlers as they reflect on their trips to York Factory, a unique and fragile Canadian treasure that leaves a lasting impression.


Commission--CBC Absolutely Manitoba / Knowledge Network

Adventures with the Movie Club [doc, 2014]

A look at storied arc of the Winnipeg Amateur Moviemakers club, founded in 1935.


Commision--MTS TV Stories from Home

On the Trail of the Far Fur Country [doc feature, 2014]

Retracing the route of the 1919 film crew across Canada's North to film The Romance of the Far Fur Country, 2 years before Nanook of the North. 


Funding--Canada Council for the Arts, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council, Winnipeg Film Group, Manitoba Film and Music / Knowledge Network

The Challenges of Giving Shelter [doc, 2013]

A behind the scenes look at the daily workings of the Winnipeg Humane Society shelter.


Commision--Winnipeg Arts Council WITH ART / CBC

Epilogues {short doc series, 2012]

A short documentary series that explores some of the fascinating tales of Winnipeg rich history.


Commission--MTS TV Stories from Home

Episode One: Fighting Billy
Episode Two: 1001 Angry Men
Episode Three: Catherine Queen of the Birds
Episode Four: The Toilers of '33'
Episode Five: The Tin Can Cathedral

Guy Maddin's Haunted House (short doc, 2011)

Behind the scenes on Guy Maddin’s 10th feature film Keyhole.


Commision--EPK for Guy Maddin's feature "Keyhole"

Sticks, Stones, Bricks, Bones [doc, 2010}

Whether carving sticks, throwing stones, placing bricks or dating old bones, people hold our city together-they’re as important as the materials they work with.


Commision--MTS TV Stories from Home

Our Neon City [short doc series, 2009]

A series of short history stories of Winnipeg’s past that all begin with a neon sign.


Commission--MTS TV Stories from Home

Episode One: Winnipeg's Turkish Baths
Episode Two: Dojack's
Episode Three: Blue Note Cafe
Episode Four: Clifford's
Episode Five: The Bell Hotel

365 Choices a Year [doc, 2008]

A window into the complex journey of residential addictions treatment at the Behavioural Health Foundation.


Funding--National Film Board of Canada

Intersections [doc series, 2008]

A look at the life and times of people that live and work at various street corners of Winnipeg.


Commission--MTS TV Stories from Home

Episode One: Intersections: Portage & Arlington 
Episode Two: Intersections: Selkirk & McGregor
Episode Three: Intersections: Sargent & Furby
Episode Four: Intersections: Provencher & St Joseph
Episode Five: Intersections: Logan & Main
Episode Six: Intersections:  Osborne & Wardlaw

Trail of Dead Wood [doc, 2008]

An exploration of people's reaction to the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic in Northern British Columbia, and Alberta.


Grounds for a Movement (doc, 2004)

An introduction to the Fair Trade Coffee movement.



Founding Folks: An Oral History of the Winnipeg Folk Festival  [Book]  University of Manitoba Press (In Press--release date 2025)

Establishing Shots: An Oral History of the Winnipeg Film Group [Book] University of Manitoba Press, 2023

"The Long Arc of Amateur Filmmaking in Winnipeg" [Article] Amateur Cinema Blog, 2024

“Local Documentary Filmmaking in Manitoba” [Article] POV Magazine, Winter Issue 2023

“Remembering Dave Barber” [Article] POV Magazine, On Line Blog Post 2017

“A Walk in the Forests” [Article] POV Magazine, Summer Issue 2017

“Resilience on the Prairies” [Article] POV Magazine, Spring Issue 2015

“Far Fur Country Diaries” [Article] POV Magazine, Spring Issue 2015

The Romance of the Far Fur Country” [28-page DVD Booklet] published by Five Door Films 2014

“Finding Focus” [78-page Book] school curriculum manual Winnipeg Film Group 2012

“Learning in Front of the Lens” [Essay] Journal of Adult Learning of Manitoba, Volume 3 2009

“Searching Landscapes” [Essay] Open Vault / Independent Film Week Winnipeg Film Group 2001

“Throwing Stones” [Essay] Classmate Journal, Manitoba Association of Teachers of English, May Issue 1998

“Wrestling with the Curriculum.” [Essay] Classmate Journal, Manitoba Association of Teachers of English, May Issue 1998

“Winnipeg General Strike, a Creative Revisitation” [Essay] Manitoba Social Science Teacher Journal, November Issue 1998

Film Programming

2023-2024 Feature Documentary Programmer  / Gimli International Film Festival

2022 Not Forgotten Docs: Wpg Documentaries from the 1970s, Gimme Some Truth, Winnipeg Cinematheque 

2018 How We Got Here—presentation at Gimme Some Truth Film Fest, Winnipeg Cinematheque 

2015 Restoration Producer of re-release of the 1920 silent feature film “The Romance of the Far Fur Country”  

2014 Finding Focus: Framing Métis and First Nations through film (curated DVD compilation )Winnipeg Film Group 

2012 Treasures from the Far Fur Country, Tour/presentation on HBC archival film footage 

2012 Champagne Safari, Cinema Lounge, Winnipeg Cinematheque 

2011 Stories in Our Skies, Winnipeg Cinematheque 

2011 In the Shadow of the Company, Metro Cinema, Edmonton 

2010 Shooting Myself in the Mirror, Winnipeg Cinematheque 

2010 In the Shadow of the Company, Winnipeg Cinematheque 

2008 Searching Landscapes (short film program) Winnipeg Cinematheque 

2004 Twisted Tales from the Winnipeg Film Group: Methadome Theatre, Chicago 

1998-2008 Catacomb Microcinema / Short film programs for monthly series 


Canada Council for the Arts

Manitoba Arts Council

Winnipeg Arts Council

Winnipeg Film Group

Manitoba Film and Music

National Film Board of Canada

Gimli International Film Festival

Colin Low Award / DOXA Film Fest, Vancouver

Andrew Taylor Research Grant / University of Manitoba

Manitoba Research Alliance / University of Winnipeg

American Movie Classics (AMC) Channel