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Sticks, Stones, Bricks and Bones is a documentary about people, and the objects they work with, play with, or simply have a passion for. The film follows an array of characters as they hang from the tallest trees, or gather stones for an upcoming sweatlodge. It tours the city’s oldest curling club, the oldest bone collection and the only casket maker working out of a garage. Together, the characters try to come to grips with the more difficult questions of life: what will last beyond our lives. What won’t. As one heritage building is knocked down, another is put back up, brick by brick. A furniture salesman raptures over the intricate grains in a piece of hard wood, then mournfully acknowledges that the wood today is not what it used to be. What ties all of these stories together is each individual’s knowledge of the world around them, both the physical world and the spirtual world.
Whether carving sticks, throwing stones, placing bricks or dating old bones, it is the people that hold our city together--they’re as important as the materials they work with. Sticks, Stones, Bricks and Bones commerates those people, their passions, their art and their craftmanship.

WRITER: Chris Nikkel EDITOR: Dwight Marche ORIGINAL MUSIC: Nathan Reimer & Mark Penner GRAPHICS: Patrick Neufeld
29 Minutes Copyright 2010 NTSC DVD-R