"Dial 'M' for Monster" (Animation, 1 min., 2003)
A childhood revenge fantasy. She's not going to take this from her brother anymore.

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This film was my first attempt at hand drawn animation.  I was creating the film for a monthly meeting of the Winnipeg chapter of "Group 101".  The film was an entry and winner of the AMC Monster fest contest in October.  I used my neighbour's kids for models and voices (my son was too young to be in this one...).  I recruited some friends to form the animation team, many of whom would help with my subsequent short animations. From the video shot of my neighbours, we hand drew in pencil, then I inked with a Sharpie marker, I then captured the pages with a digital still camera and completed the animation in Final Cut Pro.  This monster film spent a lot of time roaming the world from screen to screen to screen.


•    American Movie Classic (AMC) Channel [broadcast sale]: Monsterfest 2006
•    Lower West Side Film Festival, New York April 2005
•    San Diego Children’s Film Festival, April 2005
•    Thompson Film Festival, November 2004
•    Opening for Godzilla Retrospective, WFG Cinematheque, November 2004
•    Cinefest Picton, Picton Ontario, November 2004
•    Jury Prize Winner
•    Winnipeg Short Film Massacre, October 2004
•    Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, October 2004
•    Ottawa International Animation Festival, September 2004
•    Catacomb Urban Reels Series, Winnipeg, August 2004
•    Ragamuffin Film Festival, Austin Texas, August 2004
•    Florida International Children's Film Festival, June 2004
•    High Falls Film Festival, Rochester, NY, November 2004
•    Flickerings Film Festival: Bushnell, Illinois, July 2004
•    Sprockets: Toronto International Film Festival for Children, 2004
•    2300 Plan 9 Festival: la Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, 2004
•    Freeze Frame International Children’s Festival, Winnipeg 2004
•    National Screen Institute, FilmExchange:
•    National Amateur Movie Contest Finalist: Winnipeg 2004
•    Winnipeg Film Group’s Cinematheque Premieres: 2004
•    American Movie Classic (AMC) Channel [broadcast sale]: Halloween Monsterfest Contest Finalist, 2003
•    Catacomb Microcinema: Winnipeg, 2003

Key Crew
Director, Producer, and Editor - Kevin Nikkel
Writer - Kevin Nikkel
Animators - Corrina Loewen, Kevin Nikkel, Chantel Nikkel, Patrick Neufeld, Kelly Ruth

Levi Kwade
Calyn Kwade
Rob Kwade